Greeting from Green Solutions Pro.

Green Solutions Pro is just a business name of multi services I give as a freelancer. Even so, I can promise that it gives qualities services with well attention and decent skills for clients. Most of my clients are who moved to United States with insufficient language skill and knowledge, and so many difficulties they are going to face in along the way of adaptation process when settling in the new country and environment they have never been with.

If I say some about my history in order to getting to know me, my professional career was started in 2005 with IDE(International Development Enterprise) in Yangon, which was an International non-profit government organization (INGO) for rural development in Burma. My responsibilities were as Product Designer to create products like low-cost rural devices, pressure irrigation pump, and so on. 

Moreover, I worked with very closely with product design master students from Stanford University’s Design Institute while research phase of projects. When needing to go to rural area in order to conduct extensive field research on end users need in test villages, I had to worked as an interpreter between the students and rural people.

One of the grateful things my parent gave was they allowed me to go aboard and to do some studies in Singapore. After I have graduated from Nanyang University in Singapore, I had worked for several companies before I met this company: Greenpac Co Ltd, which is like with the green idea of environmentally friendly and holistic packaging solution. I proudly say that the time of I worked there was the best days of my career life. This is my reason one.
Moreover, since I moved to United States, the street I have been living is with the word “green”, which I very much like. These are the two reasons of why I used “GREEN” for my business. 

And for solution? and Pro means professional? 

Yes. You get it. There are lots of, lots of problems out there we have to handle whether you like it or not. As long as we couldn’t find proper solutions for them, the problems are not gone away. They are always there. People tend to think that time would solve it. Time can’t solve them, only the proper solutions solve them. That is why every single problem has to be solved professionally, then our world will be better.